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this website is not yet flawless, but i was antsy about putting it up anyway. soon, soon everything will work.

i'm incredibly stoked about a few things:

- the font i made of my handwriting (which i used for my website logo.. above). that's something i've wanted to do since i was just a nerdy little alternateen chatting on mIRC.

- the monolight kit i just bought, and have been experimenting with... PORTRAITS.

- the upcoming shoot i have with an excellent local band.

- like everyone else, the beatles rereleases. also beatles rock band. i enjoy playing "dig a pony" on the "bass."



sorry about my capitalization and punctuation for now and always. english was always my best subject, but i try to type like i talk.


no time for being patient..

i've redesigned my website. (!!!)

there will soon be lots of exciting content. i fully intend to update it often.

my next project is about superfans: front-row-or-nothing-girls and boys. i'm one of them too.


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