rocktober, oh my.

this month has been wearing me out, in the best way possible. i've been shooting TONS, as well as prepping my photo show, which i will post details of shortly.


wednesday, much metal bonding occurred in the in-studio space at KEXP, where i photographed my friend hannah levin and (new friend) tanner ellison for their brand new show, seek and destroy! it's an all-metal show premiering this HALLOWEEN NIGHT! be sure to check it out!


the light at the paramount was incredible during the monsters of folk show last week. blew my mind. i even changed my mind a little about conor oberst. it's true!


tomorrow i'm shooting ani difranco, and OH MY. my righteous babe ankle tattoo is tingling! i'm not being facetious here. okay, maybe a little with the tingling... but the tattoo definitely exists. i haven't seen her since i was in college, and i'm actually rather pumped, thank you very much.



Dita Vox of Thee Emergency


the seattle weekly's reverb fest is always one of my favorite things in the world to shoot. i'm slightly biased, i suppose, seeing as i shoot for them regularly.. but i truly think they have a great thing going with this yearly block party.

a) awesome local bands

b) excellent venues in my favorite part of seattle (i miss living in ballard desperately)

c) the writers/photogs are ALL talented but also nice people.


the next few weeks are going to be extra busy for me..

upcoming shows:

  • city of seattle music awards
  • monsters of folk
  • grizzly bear
  • cave singers & feral children
  • ben folds
  • the gossip
  • ani difranco

i'm sure i'm missing something.. but these are all happening in the next two weeks. wish me luck!


toying around

i'm really in love this this photo i got while testing out my Diana F+ lens adapter on my Canon digital SLR...

5D+Diana Lens

playing with cheap plastic lenses and fancy L lenses..

getting amped for Seattle Weekly's REVERBfest this weekend. see you in ballard??



dreams do come true..

please go visit my pearl jam opening-night-of-tour photos at the Seattle Weekly.


i still can't believe it happened. they've been a very special band in my life. in my formative teenage years, i spent all of my high school jobs' paychecks on pearl jam bootlegs and piles of vinyl that eddie vedder said he liked in interviews. because of pearl jam, i love indie rock. it was a natural progession. they introduced me to sleater-kinney, elliott smith, daniel johnston.. so many others.

i still love pearl jam.


pinball and merch-slinging

i took a few pictures in my downtime on thursday night while i sold merch for john vanderslice at the crocodile. his reputation always precedes him: i heard people out front before the show, "i hear he's the nicest guy in rock and roll! but what about the music?" the music, of course, is as amazing as he is personally. they just happen to go hand-in-hand.

we played a little pinball at shorty's before the show. i was crap, though i'm usually pretty good. jv rocked the addams family machine, i stuck to the 24 machine. nothing like a little jack bauer theme added to a classic game. i couldn't contain my laughter when it flashed "TERRORIST" and "CHLOE" etc.

great show. great night. great fans. and i got a few good shots too. it was good to see you there.