okay, this is just embarrassing...

it's been so long since i've updated. inexcusable, i know. i have been shooting! lots!

i got a new camera body which is very very exciting, and i've been to lots of incredible shows. here's a smattering of my favorite images since i last checked in, in reverse chronological order... and i promise to finish this website and update it more often. really, i do.


Calvin Johnson (the Hive Dwellers) at Neumo'sTed Leo and the Pharmacists at Neumo's

Devendra Banhart at the Showbox Mike Doughty at the Triple Door

Hey Marseilles at Neumo'sHootenanny for Haiti at the ShowboxDamien Jurado at the SunsetWilco at the ParamountWildbirds & PeacedrumsSt. Vincent at Neumo'sBilly & EltonJohn Roderick at the Showbox

Ben Gibbard at the Showbox

i am an incredibly lucky young woman.


i've been on a bit of a photography hiatus lately, battling chronic hives since thanksgiving, and generally just chillaxing over the holidays. i'm in wisconsin right now visiting my family and friends here. my best friend in the world, stephanie and i got giant matching tattoos on new year's eve by our favorite artist adam.




if you need a little holiday cheer, check out the photos i took for three imaginary girls at their annual holiday rock and roll show. john roderick is one of my favorite people, and definitely my favorite santa... even when things get a little naughty..



meet maeby

my christmas present from my wonderful boyfriend is a sweet little kitten we named Maeby. she's keeping us busy, as well as annoying my other sweet kitty, thymian.

her new thing is climbing up the inside of the christmas tree and crying until we come grab her.. then she does it again, immediately.



She doesn't have to have / Her Young Fresh Fellows tape back now/But there's not a lot of things/That she'll take back

i was incredibly blessed last week to catch a sold-out They Might Be Giants show, where they played Flood in its entirety plus a ton of other excellent songs. then, just a few days later, The Pixies! playing Doolittle! i felt like the universe was finally paying me back for being born too late. thanks, universe.


John Flansburgh, They Might Be Giants

Black Francis, The Pixies


thank you!

last night was one of the best nights of my life. it meant so much to me that so many wonderful, talented, amazing people came to support me. there are still 6 images available for purchase...

trent reznor, nine inch nails:


eddie vedder, pearl jam:

pj harvey:

the hold steady (printed in black and white):

robin pecknold, fleet foxes:

ben gibbard, death cab for cutie:


each photo is $175, framed and matted. the images are roughly 13x17 in 16x20 black wood frames. please contact me or the incredible laurie kearney at


thanks again.