i love clem snide...

incredible show the other night at the tractor. i've seen them so many times, and i love them more every time..


Eef Barzelay / Clem Snide


calm before the storm..

a smattering of shows before the insanity of sasquatch and the weeks before and after...

Frightened RabbitEverybody Was in the French Resistance... Now!Shearwater

for the record:

no, no, i'm not shooting sasquatch.

yes, yes, i am going just for fun... and it's going to be amazing.


my camera is sticky with spilled drinks

i LOVE it when the 21+ crowds get wild! last night king khan & the shrines, the fresh & onlys, and unnatural helpers tore it up. there's nothing like a great show, great vibe, great friends.. oh, and the pictures turned out pretty great too, i think..



my favorites from the night:


thank you, spoon..

..for helping me remember how much i love your songs, how much i love a good rock show.

britt daniel of spoonthis month (this week especially), i'm going to be insane with the rock and roll shows. i'll be at/shooting:

4/12 The XX, Showbox SoDo
4/13 King Khan & The Shrines/The Fresh & Onlys, Neumo's
4/14 Charlotte Gainsbourg, Crocodile
4/15 Jesse Sykes, Triple Door
4/17 The Posies, Crocodile
4/18 Conan O'Brien (!!!!!!!)

 4/29 Shearwater/Wye Oak, Triple Door



okay, this is just embarrassing...

it's been so long since i've updated. inexcusable, i know. i have been shooting! lots!

i got a new camera body which is very very exciting, and i've been to lots of incredible shows. here's a smattering of my favorite images since i last checked in, in reverse chronological order... and i promise to finish this website and update it more often. really, i do.


Calvin Johnson (the Hive Dwellers) at Neumo'sTed Leo and the Pharmacists at Neumo's

Devendra Banhart at the Showbox Mike Doughty at the Triple Door

Hey Marseilles at Neumo'sHootenanny for Haiti at the ShowboxDamien Jurado at the SunsetWilco at the ParamountWildbirds & PeacedrumsSt. Vincent at Neumo'sBilly & EltonJohn Roderick at the Showbox

Ben Gibbard at the Showbox

i am an incredibly lucky young woman.