pinball and merch-slinging
Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 11:50AM
laura musselman duffy

i took a few pictures in my downtime on thursday night while i sold merch for john vanderslice at the crocodile. his reputation always precedes him: i heard people out front before the show, "i hear he's the nicest guy in rock and roll! but what about the music?" the music, of course, is as amazing as he is personally. they just happen to go hand-in-hand.

we played a little pinball at shorty's before the show. i was crap, though i'm usually pretty good. jv rocked the addams family machine, i stuck to the 24 machine. nothing like a little jack bauer theme added to a classic game. i couldn't contain my laughter when it flashed "TERRORIST" and "CHLOE" etc.

great show. great night. great fans. and i got a few good shots too. it was good to see you there.


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