rocktober, oh my.
Friday, October 23, 2009 at 9:35PM
laura musselman duffy

this month has been wearing me out, in the best way possible. i've been shooting TONS, as well as prepping my photo show, which i will post details of shortly.


wednesday, much metal bonding occurred in the in-studio space at KEXP, where i photographed my friend hannah levin and (new friend) tanner ellison for their brand new show, seek and destroy! it's an all-metal show premiering this HALLOWEEN NIGHT! be sure to check it out!


the light at the paramount was incredible during the monsters of folk show last week. blew my mind. i even changed my mind a little about conor oberst. it's true!


tomorrow i'm shooting ani difranco, and OH MY. my righteous babe ankle tattoo is tingling! i'm not being facetious here. okay, maybe a little with the tingling... but the tattoo definitely exists. i haven't seen her since i was in college, and i'm actually rather pumped, thank you very much.

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