i moved to seattle in the fall of 2004 from milwaukee, wisconsin after numerous visits that always left me in tears on the returning flight. i am never unaware of the beauty of the pacific northwest. i am amazed by mountains, but often i miss the comfort i get from the midwest.

i primarily take pictures of music because passionate people performing for me make me feel alive, make me want time to stop. it's also a great excuse to stand in the front row.

i shoot canon cameras and lenses, holgas, dianas, goodwill junk-cameras, and anything else i can get my hands on. my photographs have appeared in the seattle weekly, stereogum.com, mtv.com, paste, seattle sound, threeimaginarygirls.com, billboard, and kexp.org. when i'm not hanging out in dark clubs and bars, i'm slinging camera gear at glazer's camera in seattle.

although my main focus is photographing concerts, i'm always looking for a challenge and i'm open to anything. don't hesitate to contact me for portraits, events, whatever. surprise me!

P.S. i am newly married! although my new legal name is laura duffy, the majority of my past work is credited to my maiden name, laura musselman

P.P.S. i love my cats.